A young ballet student dreams of the future

Transforming Dance Education

Embracing Depth in Dance Instruction Beyond Teaching to the Exam

Reflecting on my 30-year dance teaching journey, a transformation has taken place. Shifting away from rigid syllabi, my focus has moved towards fostering creativity, prioritizing safety and making dance accessible to all.

  • Moving Past Syllabus Constraints: Dance is an art that shouldn’t be confined to structured syllabi. By moving beyond these constraints, dancers can truly explore their artistic potential, infusing personal expression and depth into their movements.
  • Dance for Every Individual: Let’s remember, dance is for everyone – not just those seeking exams. It’s about fostering a safe environment where proper technique is taught, preventing injuries and ensuring that every dancer can engage and enjoy the art form.
  • Democratizing Ballet’s Elegance: Ballet’s allure isn’t reserved for exam-takers alone. Professional ballet dancers have shown that bypassing exams doesn’t hinder success. By making ballet accessible to a wider range of individuals, we unlock its beauty for all to experience.


As my teaching philosophy evolves, it’s evident that dance education is richer when it transcends mere exams. Encouraging creativity, safeguarding dancers’ well-being and expanding the reach of ballet enrich the dance experience for all involved.

If this is the positive experience you want for your child, we are here to help. Email us for more info or register your child for classes today.

Erin Madsen
Madsen Arts Centre

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