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Pre-Registration for our 2024-25 Season Now Open!
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I've had the pleasure of working with Erin Madsen on two separate occasions, and can attest to her professionalism, expertise, and easygoing demeanor. The first time I hired Erin was as an adjudicator for a dance competition, and her wealth of dance knowledge shone brightly throughout the entire event. Her critiques and feedback were not only insightful but delivered with tact and encouragement, which meant a lot to the young dancers participating. The second time I enlisted Erin's services was for a dance convention, and once again, she proved to be a standout professional. Her ability to connect with dancers of all ages and skill levels was remarkable. She made the learning experience enjoyable and educational, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved. What truly sets Erin apart is her genuine passion for dance. She exudes enthusiasm, which is infectious, and her dedication to the art form is evident in everything she does. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Jenna Trawin

I am a former student of Ms. Erin. I had the privilege to train with her for 5 years. Ms. Erin helped me gain confidence, grace, precision, and so much more throughout my training. She was able to help me pass my Advanced 2 RAD exam with distinction and then trained me for my Solo Seal examination. Not only did Erin impart impeccable technical skills but also ignited a passion for movement within me. Her ability and commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere created a space where every dancer felt valued. Ms. Erin’s dedication to her craft and genuine care for her students makes her an exceptional mentor and a true gem in the world of dance.

Sydney Downey

Miss Erin has a wealth of knowledge in classical ballet techniques, using innovative approaches to build strength. She gives personalized feedback to each student allowing them to reach their potential. Miss Erin has an expert knowledge of the RAD syllabus only possible through many years of preparing students for examinations. Over the summer of 2017 I trained with Miss Erin for the Genee International Ballet Competition. With her guidance I was able to compete at the international level, performing class work and two solos at the semi finals. Within the following year Miss Erin prepared me for the Solo Seal examination; an exam above Advanced 2, in which you have the opportunity to perform on stage in for of an audience as well as an examiner. It was a special opportunity to be able to perform this exam in Edmonton.

Jillian Engen

I had the pleasure of having Miss Erin as my ballet teacher for 5 years of training. She is a very kind, approachable and professional teacher with an obvious passion for her art. Her approach to teaching ballet curriculum is clearly understood by her students, leaving them feeling confident and prepared for their ballet exams. What sets Miss Erin apart from other teachers is her focus on isolating and building the essential muscles and movements required for a ballet dancer. Several of her classes we would spend time doing exercises to strengthen muscles that would enhance our technique. Miss Erin is a wonderful teacher for any dancer looking to build their career as a ballet dancer.

Kennedy Wright

In the world of dance it is a rare treat to come across a teacher that is your deciding factor for moving dance schools. That teacher for us was Ms. Erin. It brought us so much happiness and assurance as a family to know our dancers would be able to continue to have the talent, skill and rigour behind their ballet training with Ms. Erin leading the journey. And that journey only grew exponentially, with Erin becoming a part of not only their skill development in dance but also their character development as our dancers grew through the years. Ms. Erin will always hold such a special place in our hearts because that’s where she touched us - going above and beyond the walls of the studio for our family. We collectively could not recommend her enough for her expertise, kindness and inspired approach.

Chelsea Freeborn

Mrs Erin has been an integral part of my dance journey and I can not recommend her enough! She truly knows how to nurture the love of dance while bringing out the best in dancers. She creates a space for dancers to succeed in class, on stage and in exams while fuelling their passion. I personally would not be where I am without her. She was able to bring out more in me than I thought was possible and opened up new ways of thinking when it came to my technique and artistry.

Scout Radomski

Anna enjoyed the class and said that next time she will bring a friend. She told me that she learned some new techniques today in the ballet portion that she had not done before so she was nervous but felt she did ok with keeping up with the group. Thank you Ms. Erin!!

Teressa K.

Thank you for this opportunity. I hope that we can attend future events.

Jennifer B.

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