Our mission is to offer the best training to all students. We want you to be more than good dancers. We want to give you tools that will help you stay healthy physically and mentally through your life. Whether you go on to become professionals in Dance or not, you will have the knowledge and tools to be the best you can be in whatever you choose.


Madsen Arts Centre is busy creating videos to help all students continue to train in Progressing Ballet Technique from the comfort of their own homes. Sign up for our newsletter and check back often as we add new content. We will be expanding our resources beyond training as well.

Training Resources

PBT Tutorial

PBT Training #1

Intermediate PBT

Core Activation

Sub-Jr Posture Check

Stability Ball – Sizing Chart

Students will need to bring their own stability ball. It is imperative to the program that students use the appropriate size ball for their height. If you do not have one, here is the size requirements:

Height – Recommended Ball Size

  • Under 4’8″/142cm – 45cm ball
  • 4’8″ to 5’3″/142-160cm – 55cm ball
  • 5’4″ to 5’10″/160-178cm – 65cm ball
  • 5’10” to 6’4″/178-193cm – 75cm ball

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that training dancers is more than teaching dance. We must train the whole person. Through dance training, condition and support mentally through sport psychology and physical therapy, we are able to help the student gain a better understanding of themselves and the strength both physically and mentally in this new world.

Better Physical and Mental Health

We are here to train dancers differently. We believe that good training starts with the fundamentals from the beginning. If the base is established, the opportunities will be available to you. Dance should be enjoyable, but not just for fun. We don’t know at an early age who will want to make this a career, but poor training can take that option away. Learn to train properly and still enjoy it!

Vision Helps You See The Road Ahead!

Our goal is to help all dancers be healthier mentally and physically. We want to offer all the tools to help you do that; from dance training, conditioning, mental support and sport psychology to bringing opportunities to better yourself and gain more connection in this world.

Keep Quiet and Continue Working.

Always remember to stay humble. The humble will continue to learn and grow. The moment you feel you know more than your teacher is the moment you are no longer teachable. Always, look at what lessons you can learn and how you can become better, whether that is physically improving yourself or becoming more mentally strong.


Whether you have children just starting out in the amazing world of dance or they have been dancing for years and are looking to advance to the next level. Our dedicated team of instructors, physiotherapists, trainers and sports psychologists are here to make sure they enjoy their journey through the dance world.