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November Newsletter


ISSUE  ·November 8, 2023

Wow What a Season so Far!

We have finished our second month of dance at Madsen Arts Centre. What a busy time we have had. Thank you to all who have registered for classes and programs so far with MAC. I am so happy to work with you and am truly enjoying getting to know all of you. Welcome to all the new students.

I was so honoured to be asked to teach at the CDTA Saskatchewan DanceJam Convention in Saskatoon in the beginning of October. It was such a wonderful experience to teach so many children. I have not taught Ballet in a convention setting before and this was a great intro to the experience. Wonderful people, a wonderful organization and so much fun! I would love to bring something like this to the city of Edmonton. Not a competition, but just learning from some experts that we don’t typically get to see or work with. If you have artists you would love to learn from, please share. I would like to work on this and make it a yearly opportunity here. Being able to learn from some very well-known artists from around the world, without the need for a competition helps dancers see where their work and training can take them.

Why have to travel to them, if we can bring them right here?

Another exciting addition to MAC classes has been the Adult PBT sessions. Thank you for joining and learning some different concepts to help you stay active and gain some strength. I have not been able to work with adults in a long and time and sharing something that truly means so much to me and has been integral in my health and rehabilitation has been so amazing! I love that the class is diverse! Not everyone has danced or does dance. It just shows that PBT is more than just for dancers. If you would still like to join our class, you are welcome. Registration is still open.

We have had some enquiries about adding Adult Ballet. If you would like to join a ballet class, please let us know whether you prefer Weekdays during the day or Weekends? We want to help you! Got a specific day that works best? Let us know.

PBT Equipment Coming Soon!

After many months of trying to organize the production of our own equipment with many ups and downs, we are finally on the road to having our own equipment! We are super excited about this new venture. We hope you will be too.

For those who have already placed your orders with your registration, you will soon be able to use your own equipment. If you have a balance owing yet for the package, that will be required once the products are here and ready to be distributed. We will update you when it is time though so don’t worry.

Here is an example of what our yoga mats will look like. One of the logos will be turned around, but this is one of the colours we will have. The yoga balls will be one colour, depending on the size, but they are with this similar pattern.

MAC Yoga Mat

MAC Clothing Coming Soon!

Just an update that we are bringing in clothing. We will have T-shirts, Long sleeve shirts, crewnecks (just a few), hoodies and sweatpants with MAC logo. We are so excited to see these things coming together and that we will be able to share them with all of you! Our first order should be arriving before the end of November.  We will be adding them to our online store very soon.

We have started with a small order to see what is most popular. If there are other things that people are interested in, we can add them , but we will do pre-orders so that we have enough to place an actual order.

RAD Ballet Exams with MAC

Fall Ballet Exams are coming quickly! We have just one student entered this fall, but we’re super excited to be able to offer this. She’s been working super hard.

Good luck Isabel!

If you are entered for exams or are interested in pursuing exams, we do this through private and semi-private classes so feel free to reach out. We are always here to help you achieve your goals. Your success is what we work for.

New Short Courses this Winter

If you are looking for some extra training or just maybe getting your child into dance for the first time, we have some new short programs coming.

Starting November 16, 2023, we have a 4-week Teen Ballet & Conditioning session. This is a great way to come back to dance, if you’ve been away a while or try it for the first time. Our unique approach incorporates our conditioning to help the students learn quicker and train safely. Our highly skilled instructor, Ms. Madsen, can modify the program to suit the dancers in the room. This is very individualized and will make each student feel valued and seen. No more staying away because you do not think you can do it. We are here to share our love of dance with you! $80 for 4 weeks! Register online at

On December 2nd, we are hosting a workshop Jazz class with renowned Dancer/Choreography/Instructor, Sarisa Figueroa del Toledo! We are super excited that she will be sharing her passion for preserving the history of Jazz and remaining true to its roots. This class is for ages 12 and up and will be $15. Dancers will need to pre-register and pay in advance for the class to run. I hope you will come and try something new with us. What a fantastic opportunity!

Register at

There are more coming in the New Year so Stay Tuned

Upcoming Calendar Events

November 1, 2023 – 2nd Instalment Payment Due for Full year classes.
November 11, 2023 – Remembrance Day – No Classes
November 25, 2023 – RAD Fall Ballet Exams

December 2, 2023 – Jazz Workshop with Sarisa Figueroa del Toledo!
December 23-January 5, 2024 Inclusively – Christmas Break – Please Note: No Classes Saturday, December 23rd, but classes will resume Saturday, January 6, 2024.

Registration is Always Open at MAC

Because of the way we approach training, without merely focusing on syllabus and ballet exams, registration is Always open! Feel free to pass on information or reach out to us! We are here to help. Our classes will continue to run at these two studios into the new year, but we are on the hunt for the perfect space to call home!

  • Usha Kala Niketan – 406 – 3404 Gateway Blvd: This studio is your sanctuary for artistic growth and expression.
  • Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy – 130 – 6325 Gateway Blvd: Where creativity knows no bounds.

Let Dance be your safe space!


Warm regards,

Erin Madsen

Madsen Arts Centre

+1 780 887 6374

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