MAC April Newsletter

ISSUE 8 · April 2024

Welcome to MAC

The Spring season is all about growth and renewal. We are experiencing growth and renewal here at MAC as well.  We have new members and subscribers and we wanted to welcome you all to Madsen Arts Centre. Community is very important and each of you who subscribes, takes our classes or writes to us, are so valued. We appreciate all the feedback and support as we continue to journey forward.

Changes to our Spring Programs

Due to the feedback and interest in our Intro to Ballet Series, we have decided to change the Intro to Jazz Series to another Intro to Ballet. The dates and times in May will be as follows:

May 1 – 4-Week Intro to Ballet (Age 7-9) – 1:30-2:30pm

May 2 – 4-Week Intro to Ballet (Age 10-12) – 1:30-2:45pm

May 2 – 4-Week Intro to Ballet (Age 13+) – 2:45-3:30pm


Free Trial Ballet Class for Ages 7-9!

We know that making the choice to attend dance lessons (or any activities for that matter) can be a bit scary. In order to help you with your decision to try our Intro Series, we are offering a Free Class. This class will take place on Thursday, April 25 from 2:45-3:45pm and will be at the studio in Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy (130, 6325 Gateway BLVD). These Intro series were to give Homeschool students the opportunity to see what dance is about and experience the joy of Ballet.

The only thing you need to do to participate in our Free Class is visit the website and sign up. This is just so we have an idea of how many will be coming and we can then be prepared to accommodate you. You do not need to buy any special dance wear or shoes for this trial class or for the Intro Series. We ask that each participant wear fitted, but moveable clothing. Things like leggings, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and socks. Please, no baggy clothing.

We are excited to work with you and want you feel safe in our classes. If you would like to bring a friend to try with you, that would be fantastic too. Just be sure that you all sign up on the website.

Free Trial

Free Class Week

We know that registering for full year classes can be unfamiliar territory. We have decided to host a few Free Classes this June! This will be an opportunity to try a class or more and see if you like it before making any commitments. We will be available to answer questions and give you any support you may need to make your decision. We believe that training in the right environment, with the right people can make all the difference and we want you to feel confident in your choice.

Stay tuned for the schedule of these classes.

Dates to Remember…

April 15, 2024 – Final Day for Best options and Pricing in All Summer Programs

May 1, 2024 – Fall Registration Opens

May 18-20, 2024 – Victoria Day Long Weekend – No Classes

June 10-15, 2024 – Last Week of Regular Classes

June 22, 2024 – Sr PBT Make up Class (note earlier time: 11:30am – 12:30pm)

June 24-27, 2024 – Free Classes Week! Schedule TBD

July 8, 2024 – Summer Intensives Begin! Check the website for more information


Summer Intensives For All

We have a variety of Summer Intensives for you. Some for young dancers, more senior dancers, adults and also a Contemporary Intensive for senior dancers. Let us help you stay in shape while still enjoying your summer.

July 8-12, 2024 – RAD Vocational Syllabus Summer Intensive – Intermediate Foundation through Advanced 2

July 15-19, 2024 – Sr Summer Ballet Intensive #1 – Intermediate Foundation thru Advanced 2/Pre-professional

July 22-25, 2024 – Jr Summer Ballet Intensive – Levels 1-5

August 6-9, 2024 – Adult PBT & Ballet – afternoons

-Evening RAD Vocational Syllabus Coaching

August 12-16, 2024 – Sr Summer Contemporary Intensive – Intermediate Foundation thru Advanced 2/Pre-Professional

August 19-22, 2024 – Sr Summer Ballet Intensive #2 – Intermediate Foundation thru Advanced 2/Pre-Professional

-Evening RAD Vocational Syllabus Coaching

August 26-29, 2024 – Evening RAD Vocational Syllabus Coaching

* All Programs and levels subject to enrolment

Summer Programs

MAC Shop is Live!

We are so excited to say the  MAC Shop is Open! Here is where you can purchase all your MAC products. Whether you need a new resistance band, stability (yoga) ball, or want to order some swag, this will be the place! We have added lots of colour choices and sizes so you can choose what you really want to pre-order and it will get made. We still have a handful of merchandise in stock, so check it out.


Two Studios to Fuel Your Creativity

We will continue to run our classes in host studios for the season, as we continue the search for a place to call our own.

  • Usha Kala Niketan – 406 – 3404 Gateway Blvd
  • Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy – 130 – 6325 Gateway Blvd

Be sure to check the website often. We continue to add new programs and new events to help you get the most out of your training!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or any ideas of how we can make improvements.

Warm regards,

Erin Madsen

Madsen Arts Centre

+1 780 887 6374

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