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ISSUE 10 · June 2024 2024-25 Season Pre-Registration is Open! With only a couple of weeks left in our regular season, we are preparing for our Summer Intensives and Fall 2024. Many Summer Intensives are still open, so be sure to register right away. Fall 2024 Pre-Registration is now open! Check out all that we have to offer in the fall and get on the list for your classes. The $40 non-refundable Registration fee ($65 for families) is all that is required to hold your spot. Remember that we cap

Dance is a beautiful art form that provides children with numerous physical, emotional, and social benefits. However, like any activity involving children, it’s crucial to prioritize safeguarding to ensure their safety and well-being. This article explores the importance of safeguarding in dance and offers practical tips for parents to help keep their children safe. Why Safeguarding in Dance is Crucial Safeguarding in dance encompasses a range of measures designed to protect children from harm, abuse, and exploitation while they participate in dance activities. The unique environment of dance classes,

ISSUE 8 · April 2024 Welcome to MAC The Spring season is all about growth and renewal. We are experiencing growth and renewal here at MAC as well.  We have new members and subscribers and we wanted to welcome you all to Madsen Arts Centre. Community is very important and each of you who subscribes, takes our classes or writes to us, are so valued. We appreciate all the feedback and support as we continue to journey forward. Changes to our Spring Programs Due to the feedback and interest in our

ISSUE 7 · March 2024 It’s Spring! This winter has been fairly mild in comparison to other years, but you can now feel the change. Spring has arrived! With Spring comes new beginnings and new adventures. We are working hard on Summer events for everyone and getting our Fall schedule organized. Stay up-to-date with all that is happening and please feel free to share with friends! New Sessions for Spring In our usual fashion, we are offering some continued four week and eight week sessions for various ages. We are continuing

ISSUE 6 ·February 2024 Big News for Summer! We have been busy preparing for a summer of new adventures. Madsen Arts Centre’s goal is to offer as many opportunities as possible so that everyone can keep dancing through the summer months. We will be bringing in guest artists as well as utilizing Ms. Madsen’s expertise so be sure to check all the offerings.  Choose the programs that will work best for you and your family. Two months is a long time to be out of dance. Break up the

ISSUE 5 · January 2024 Welcome to 2024! What a wonderful Holiday season we have had. I was able to get in some quality time with my grown children. That is always so special. Having the time to laugh, eat and play together has given me the energy needed to carry through! I hope that all of you were able to get some much needed time with family and were also able to relax and unwind a bit. This next half of the year will be filled with more

ISSUE 4 · December 2023 Happy Holidays! Can you believe that it is almost Christmas and the end of 2023?! Where has the time gone? We have had so many new experiences since the start of the season, we thought we should have a re-cap. First, Madsen Arts Centre opened for classes this past September. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful members and supporters of our programming. One of the biggest positives has been the interest in Adult training. How much fun it has been to work

ISSUE  ·November 8, 2023 Wow What a Season so Far! We have finished our second month of dance at Madsen Arts Centre. What a busy time we have had. Thank you to all who have registered for classes and programs so far with MAC. I am so happy to work with you and am truly enjoying getting to know all of you. Welcome to all the new students. I was so honoured to be asked to teach at the CDTA Saskatchewan DanceJam Convention in Saskatoon in the beginning of October.

What is PBT? I get asked this question a lot. It seems that it is still a very unknown program, at least where I live. I have to say that it is one of the most enjoyable classes I teach! The joy it brings to students to work in a very different way is so exciting. I personally love to see the AHA moments! Those little light bulbs when the students discover something new or are able to perform a movement they previously struggled with. These are the