Our policies listed below are to enhance your experience at Madsen Arts Centre (MAC) and pertain to our full-year program only. GST is included in full year fees.


There is a non-refundable registration fee of $40.00 per student or $65.00 per family due upon registration.

ANNUAL FEES – Graded and Vocational Levels

  • The annual rate for our programs includes 36 instructional classes (except daytime classes, which end April 30, 2025)
  • The annual rate is payable in 4 instalments: September 1, November 1, February 1 and April 1.
  • Fees will be paid via e-transfer to info@madsenartscentre.com
  • A credit card must be provided at the time of registration to ensure that any missed fees can be processed quickly.
  • Our instalment payment system is for convenience only and has no direct relationship to the number of classes in a month.
  • Make-up classes will only be offered if the class was cancelled by Madsen Arts Centre.; they are not available due to holidays taken by a student, injury, illness, etc.
  • All fees are non-refundable once processed.
  • In the event you register for the full-year program after the initial start date, your annual fee will be discounted up to the first two classes.
  • Annual fees are not pro-rated or adjusted in the event of a student’s absence throughout the dance season.
  • There are NO regular classes on these holidays: Thanks Giving (Monday, October 14, 2024), Remembrance Day (November 11, 2024), Winter Break (December 22, 2024 through January 5, 2025 inclusively), Family Day (Monday, February 17, 2025), Spring Break (March 24, 2024 through March 30, 2025 inclusively), Easter Weekend (Friday, April 18, 2025 through April 21, 2025) and Victoria Day weekend (Saturday, May 17 – Monday, May 19, 2025).


  • Costume Deposits ($120) will be processed on your provided credit card on November 1
  • Alternately, an e-transfer can be sent to MAC for this payment (info@madsenartscentre.com)
  • All costume fees are non-refundable.
  • Costume deposits are meant to cover the cost of the costume, shipping/handling charges, and any customs/duty charges.
  • All costumes are ordered using the measurements of each student and based on the recommended size provided by the costume company. Students receive a final fitting from our costume experts at Madsen Arts Centre and all necessary alterations are provided prior to costumes being distributed.


  • Competition fees for those wishing to participate will be billed by the end of October.
  • Payment can be made via e-transfer or credit card on file.
  • Late payment will not be accepted. If you miss the deadline, your child will not be entered in competitions.
  • Competition fees are based on the cost of the previous year and are subject to change.
  • All competition fees are non-refundable.
  • Madsen Arts Centre acts as an agent in collecting competition fees and remitting payment to the third party to which the fees are payable.


There will be a $40.00 service charge for any credit card payment that cannot be processed. Clients will be notified via email within 14 days of the declined payment.


All fees, including competition fees, that are collected by Madsen Arts Centre on behalf of participants, and remitted to a third party are collected by Madsen Arts Centre acting in its capacity as agent. The terms and conditions set by the third party apply to the extent that they relate to the collection, use and refund of fees. In the case of a refund from a third party for any reason, Madsen Arts Centre will, in its capacity as agent, forward the fees received back to the individuals they were collected from and remitted on behalf of. Madsen Arts Centre shall determine, in its sole discretion, the method by which any fees shall be disbursed back to the individuals. Madsen Arts Centre shall have no liability to participants to refund fees back to participants after the fees have been collected and remitted to third parties in accordance with the stated purpose for collection of the fees.

Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams

All regular ballet classes are based on the key vocabulary of steps from that level of Royal Academy of Dance Ballet but will not be syllabus classes. Because RAD Ballet Exams are outside of regular training classes, these are extra fees. Dancers wishing to participate in RAD Ballet Exams will participate in an exam selection day. Students will be required to register for 12 weeks of exam coaching sessions. When there are enough students, these will be done in groups by level of exam. However, there will be instances where these sessions incur Private or Semi-Private rates. The structure of fees will be explained, and members will have one week to consider the offer.  All coaching classes are mandatory to enter the exam. Students who are unable to attend their scheduled coaching class MUST make arrangements for a private session (at an additional cost). ONLY 2 ABSENCES WILL BE PERMITTED IN ANY 12-WEEK SESSION. Dancers are welcome to sign up for multiple sessions. Madsen Arts Centre will coordinate sessions closest to the exam session dates.

Fee Structure for Exam Coaching

* These are the minimum required number of classes. Extra classes may be needed at an extra cost
Level 3-5: 12 classes (1.5-hour class/twice a week) = $1710
Level IF-Adv2: 24 classes (2-hour class/twice a week) = $4320

Private Options Also Available.
*Exam entry fee, mock exams, skirt/tutu rental and exam day fee are not included in above cost.


If you wish to discontinue lessons at any time throughout the year, formal notice to the office will be required (by email, or in person). In order to stop payment of future lesson fee instalments, notice to the office must be received at least two weeks before the next payment date. If notice is not received prior to the two-week deadline, the next payment will be processed. Lack of attendance is not considered formal notice of cancellation.

Once formal notice of cancellation has been received, the student has the option of finishing the term in which they have paid. Registration, lesson, costume, and competition fees will not be refunded once they are processed.


Madsen Arts Centre has a cap on class sizes. This is to ensure that every student gets the most out of their training. For classes from Level 1 through Level 5, the class size limit is 12. For Level Intermediate Foundation through Advanced 2, the class size limit is 15. Every student deserves individual correction, feedback and support. This is not always possible in larger classes.


In the event Madsen Arts Centre is mandated to close the facility, all dance classes will transition to a virtual platform. Your classes will run virtually following the same class schedule until it is mandated as safe to re-open the facility and resume in person instruction.


We want everyone’s experience at Madsen Arts Centre to be a positive one; therefore, we aim to achieve a positive and friendly atmosphere within the studio at all times.

Patron Expectations at Madsen Arts Centre:

  • If throughout the season you have a question or concern, we are more than happy to help so long as the question or concern is raised in an appropriate manner.
  • Parents are encouraged to stay informed regarding studio information using one of the platforms provided: watch week, website, classroom app, social media or our reception staff
  • In order to keep the environment positive, negative comments, conversation, or behavior in the lobby will not be tolerated.
  • All outdoor shoes are to be removed at the front door.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class. No food, pop or juice is permitted in the studio.
  • Change rooms must be kept clean and organized. No food is permitted to be eaten in the change rooms.
  • Washrooms must be kept clean. Any destruction or abuse will result in closure. We share this space with others and need to treat it respectfully.
  • We share this space and expect that our patrons will respect the community. Please clean up after yourselves and take care of the space.
  • No running or horse play is permitted in the main areas of the Madsen Arts Centre.

Drop Off/Pick Up Protocol:

  • Dancers under the age of 6 need to be accompanied to and from Madsen Arts Centre by a parent or guardian. Students will not be released from the studio without a parent or guardian.
  • Parents are welcome to enter Madsen Arts Centre, but we request you refrain from being loud. Dance classes are happening and there are other businesses that we need to respect.
  • Students 6 years and up, can be brought to the entrance of Madsen Arts Centre. If your dancer is comfortable, they are welcome to enter the building independently.

WATCH WEEK – All Levels

Watch week is designed for you to watch a portion of your child’s class as well as to communicate all important information regarding studio events. Watch week is scheduled for the last 15 minutes of your child’s first class during the month of September, January, March and June ONLY. Attendance is strongly encouraged in order to stay informed of any upcoming studio events. All items of importance discussed during our watch week is included in our studio newsletter which will be sent via email, posted on your classroom app and listed on our website; please use these resources to assist you in staying informed.
*There will not be Parent Watch for Choreography or Exam coaching classes.


Viewing windows shall remain closed for classes with children under the age of 9. They may be opened for classes where all children are the age of 11 or older at the teacher’s discretion. We want every student to benefit from the class they are enrolled in; we appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding our viewing window policy.


Dressing rooms are by assignment only. Madsen Arts Centre is not responsible for any items on its premises that are lost, stolen, or damaged. We encourage all students to leave any valuables at home. We encourage all our members to respect the space and other members. Always be sure you are leaving the premises with your own belongings. Please clean up after yourselves. If the space is not respected, the privilege of using it will be revoked.


After every Watch Week, the Lost and Found will be cleaned out and any articles that remain will be given to Goodwill.


Recitals are an additional event organized by the studio to give students an opportunity to showcase what they have worked so hard to achieve.

  • Recital location TBD
  • Ticket pricing can range from $25.00 to $30.00 each
  • Tickets are purchased online and are non-refundable once purchased
  • Any person watching the show over the age of 2 requires a ticket
  • Children under 2 years of age will receive a complimentary “babes in arm” ticket, but it must be added when purchasing your tickets.
  • Tickets must be presented at the door
  • Admission will not be given to any person without a ticket or any person who has lost or misplaced their ticket


When attending competitions, we want to ensure all comments regarding performers and the studio they represent are positive. When performers and their families overhear negative comments or unkind remarks, it can be devastating. When attending competitions, all students and parents are required to represent themselves, as well as the studio, in a positive and professional manner. Photography and videotaping is not permitted at any competition.

Aside from the competition fees paid in November, some competitions also have an admission fee for any patrons attending the competition. This fee is set forth by the company hosting the competition and has no involvement with Madsen Arts Centre. This is a cost that is paid at the door and could range from $5.00 to $8.00 per person per day. Many facilities are also charging for parking. These costs are out of the control of MAC.

Competition Choreography/Coaching

Forms for competition choreography request will be sent out the end of September and MUST be returned no later than October 15th.

Invites will be sent to students who have opted to participate in competitions at the end of October. Should you choose to add this after registration, MAC must receive your request prior to October 15. Groups will be decided by the artistic staff and director. Those wishing to do solos and duets, need to include those options in the request. We will do our best to accommodate choreography requests. If you wish to work with a particular staff member, please indicate that as well.


Madsen Arts Centre acknowledges that, even with proper training and conditioning, injuries may still occur. It is imperative that Parents (and students) communicate to staff and Director, any injury. We are not able to protect or support our members, if we are not aware. If the injury seems more serious and it has been recommended to seek professional advice, Madsen Arts Centre will require written letters from the doctor or physical therapist. If the injury, prevents a student from participating in regular training, there must be a letter from said doctor or therapist deeming the student fit to return to regular dance training and activities at 100% capacity before staff and Directors will reinstate the student in choreography, exams and competitions. This is not a punishment, but necessary to protect these young bodies from further damage and allow for long and healthy life in and outside of Dance.


In the event of any unforeseen pandemic or imposed government guidelines, Madsen Arts Centre reserves the right to adjust any policies listed above. This could include, but is not limited to, recitals, watch week, dressing rooms, studio and lobby procedures and drop off/pick up protocol of dancers.


Progressing Ballet Technique
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